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Slot Machines: Should You Bet Max Credits?
Will betting max credits on casino slot machines make you a big winner or put you in the poor house?

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

If you are looking for tips and advice on how to win BIG on casino slot machines then you probably have read lots of websites where people insist you should ALWAYS bet the maximum credits on casino slot machines. I have seen this piece of advice countless times on internet gambling forums, youtube videos, and web pages with slot machine tips and advice. I also have some friends who tell me they ALWAYS bet maximum credits when they play casino slot machines. But in reality, is betting the maximum credits on slot machines a good idea? Will it really increase the odds of making you a big winner, or might it bust your bankroll in a hurry and put you in the poor house? Here is my own personal take on betting maximum credits on casino slot machines...

The THEORY behind betting maximum credits
I believe the whole THEORY on why to always bet maximum credits on casino slots machines, is the idea that if and when you get a good bonus round or a spin with great winning combinations, you want to be betting maximum credits to get the biggest possible payout. Indeed, always betting maximum credits WILL increase your chances of winning an occasional bonafide jackpot, but it will also increase the chances of you losing your shirt in a hurry if you are not lucky enough to get a good bonus round or a "big win" spin. Another theory of betting maximum credits is that supposedly casino slot machines will reward you for betting maximum credits by giving you more bonus rounds and "big win" spins than you would get if you were to bet smaller amounts.

The REALITY of betting maximum credits
Imagine if you were to always bet maximum credits on slot machines. On today's slot machines, the maximum credits on a game are typically four or five dollars, sometimes even more. On the older "retro" games (such as the popular game COPPER DROPPER) the max credits may only be $1.50 to $2.40, which isn't as risky. But, if you sit down at a casino slot machine and immediately start betting max credits at $5 a spin, get nothing but losing spins or very small wins on the first 40 spins, you will be down almost $200 after just ten minutes. Then, say you move to another machine and again get nothing but losing spins and small wins. Do this on a few machines, and you may find yourself behind hundreds of dollars in less than an hour. If your budget for a gambling session is three hundred dollars, you could lose that bankroll very quickly by betting nothing but maximum credits.

My own experience in playing casino slot machines is that I will usually go behind $100-$300 before I start getting the good bonus rounds or "big win" spins that put me ahead for the night, and that's with betting between 50 cents and a dollar a spin (which is my comfort zone on slot machine bets). If I were to bet nothing but maximum credits, you can multiply that by five or more. Personally, I cannot afford to lose a thousand dollars in a night, and my ATM card would cut me off before I would have a chance of finding a hot slot machine and getting the big winning payouts.

As far as casino slot machines rewarding you for betting maximum credits by giving you more bonus rounds or "big win" spins, I have personally tried out this theory and found it to be bunk. If a slot machine is simply not paying out, or in "losing" mode, it will give you the same crappy spins no matter how much you are betting.

When you SHOULD bet maximum credits
My own personal strategy for gambling on casino slot machines (which you should know by now if you have read my other casino web pages) is the key to consistently winning on casino slot machines is to find the machines that are paying out, and once you find a "hot" machine, THAT is the time to increase your bets. If you were to ALWAYS bet maximum credits on the slot machines, you had better have a large bank roll and be prepared to lose hundreds and hundreds of dollars before you find the hot machines, and there is no guarantee you will even find one. Personally, I rarely ever bet maximum credits on slot machines. I typically bet between 50 cents and $1.50 on each spin, and base how much I bet on how well the game I am playing is paying out. There have been some times when I found myself on a super hot machine, increased my bets to maximum credits, and within a few max credit spins won jackpot amounts of $2000. However, when I bet max credits on a losing machine, that has NEVER happened. So, my own theory on betting maximum credits on casino slot machines is to reserve these max credit bets for when a machine is paying out very well and giving you lots of winning spins and bonus rounds.

More factors on max credits bets
The whole reason to bet maximum credits on a casino slot machine is to get the biggest wins possible on a game, and hit the jackpot amounts. One downside of this, however, is that when you DO hit the jackpots of over $1200, the win will be reported to the IRS and you will be required to pay taxes on that amount, which will reduce your wins by 20% or more. Once you factor that into the equation, is it really worth winning those extra jackpots once you compute in the taxes you have to pay, plus all the non-jackpot nights when you lose hundreds and hundreds of dollars by betting maximum credits? The jury is still out on that one....

All in all, my own belief is that the "always bet maximum credits" strategy is a losing strategy and should be avoided, especially if you cannot afford to lose large amounts of money. If you bet the smaller amounts and reserve the max credit bets only for the "hot" slot machines, you have a much better chance of coming out ahead on the slot machines on a consistent basis. That's my two cents!

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