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Top 5 Strategies for Winning on Casino Slot Machines
Want to Win Consistently on the Slot Machines? Here's How to Do it.

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

A $2000 jackpot on a Megawinner slot machine.

There are three kinds of people who go to the casinos to play the slot machines. There are people who go just for fun -- who drop in some spare twenties, tend to bet low, try out different games, and generally just go for some excitement and don't mind losing a hundred bucks for a night out. These people expect to lose and have fun doing it. Nothing wrong with that -- casino slot machines are supposed to be fun, but it is more fun when you win. The second sort of casino gambler fancies themselves "high rollers"... they will slide in hundred dollar bills at a time and bet nothing but max credits on their favorite slot machines, hoping to hit "big wins" and jackpots. These people occasionally do hit it big and win some jackpots, but mostly lose their shirts. The third kind of casino slot machine gambler goes to the casino with TWO things in mind: have some fun and win money. Let's face it... it is always more fun when you leave with more money than you came in with, and here I will reveal my strategies for consistently winning on casino slot machines.

If you have read any of my other PAUL ACE DIAMOND BLOW VIP CASINO LOUNGE articles you should know these strategies by now, but here -- in this one article -- I will condense them down to one reading. (For more details, please read my other articles). The thing to remember when playing the casino slot machines is that the machines are "rigged" for you to lose money! That is, the machines are programmed to only pay out a certain percentage of what they take in. Generally, most casinos pay out a rate of about 90% on their slot machines. By law, they are required to pay less (for instance, only 75% in Washington State where I live), but if the machines paid out that low nobody would want to play them! Another thing to know is that when you WIN money playing slot machines, you are not taking the money from the casino -- they get their 10% anyway -- you are only winning money because other people are LOSING money (i.e., the people who play just for fun and the people who bet nothing but max credits). Once you know and accept these facts, you be able to utilize my strategies for consistently winning on casino slot machines. In fact, as I sit here writing this article, I have a string of twelve consecutive WINS at the local casinos, where I actually came out ahead each and every night, for a grand total of over $2500, in a period of two months.

Bear in mind, these slot machine tips and strategies are meant for playing the slots occasionally. I personally only gamble on casino slots 2-4 times a month (I have a full time job that pays my bills). If you are going to the casinos every day you are probably a degenerate gambler in need of help (although there is no reason these tips should not work every day, if you are very careful).

STRATEGY 1: Know your game
If you are like me, you have a favorite slot machine you like to play. Mine is Bally's Megawinner, a game I am so familiar with that I can tell when it is in "winning" mode and when it is "losing" mode, just by the symbols that come up on consecutive spins. I also know how often bonus rounds come up (once every 29 spins, on average) so I actually count spins in between each bonus round to see if it is giving bonus rounds generously or tightly. Slot machines are usually grouped in banks of four (that is, there will be four Megawinner machines grouped together in a row), so if the machine I am playing on is being stingy and losing money I will move from machine to machine until I find one that is paying out. Once you understand the nature and rhythms of your game you too will be able to move off the losing machines and find a winning machine. Bear in mind, a "winning" machine will not pay out forever, eventually it will start taking the money back, and that's when you need to move to another machine.

STRATEGY 2: Test the game
Before you start betting larger amounts or max credits on a slot machine, give it a test run. Bet just one penny per line (if 50 lines are available, bet 50 cents) and give it 20-30 spins. If you get mostly losing spins and no bonus rounds, move to another machine in the bank and test that out. A big mistake is to sit on a slot machine that is doing nothing but taking your money, hoping that eventually it will start paying out. That usually doesn't happen.

STRATEGY 3: Save the max credit bets for a machine in "win" mode
When I say "win" mode, I mean a slot machine that is giving you paying spins and more frequent bonus rounds than usual. If you know your game, you will recognize when a game is in "win" mode. Slot machines will run through cycles, of a sort, where they can be either cold (lose lose lose), luke warm (still losing, but not quite as fast), or hot (paying out, baby!). When you find yourself on a hot game that is paying out, THAT is the time to increase your bet or bet max credits. Keep betting the higher bets until the game starts taking the money back. It is not uncommon for a slot machine to cool off after a big payout, so if you get a string of 10-20 losing spins, that is a clue that the game is cooling off, and then you should decrease your bets. If it continues to lose, the game has cooled off and you should move to another machine.

STRATEGY 4: Be prepared to go in the hole before you win
The whole goal of winning consistently on casino slot machines is to find a "hot" machine that is paying out, and then capitalize on that until it runs dry. Some nights you may lose a couple hundred dollars before you start winning your money back plus a nice profit. This has been my experience -- most nights I will be down $200-$300 before I start getting the big payouts and bonus rounds that send me home a winner. Make sure you can AFFORD this before you even try it. Trust me, there will be some nights when the big bonus rounds and payouts DO NOT COME, but if you follow the advice on this page, those nights will not be very often.

STRATEGY 5: Don't get greedy
If you follow the advice I have given so far, you should be ahead in your gaming session after an hour or two. Some times it may take longer. If you've gotten some nice big wins or bonus rounds and are ahead a couple hundred dollars or more, and the games seem to have cooled off, you should ask yourself" "Should I leave now, ahead $200, or try to win more?" Personally, I find it unacceptable to leave a casino unless I am ahead at least $100, but if the slot machine games I am playing quit paying out and are taking away my wins, I have gained the wisdom to leave while ahead. There have been times in the past when I continued playing and lost all my winnings and more. Personally, I hate to leave a casino a loser, and will keep going to the ATM machine to refund my quest for a winning night, until eventually the ATM cuts me off and I go home a huge loser. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU -- it is much better to go home ahead $100 than to get greedy and go home in the hole!

There you have it... all my best strategies to win consistently on casino slot machines. Try them out, have some fun, and here's wishing you nothing but GOOD MOJO!

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