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Slot Machine Tournaments: how to play them, how to win
Slot machine tournaments are free to enter and offer cash prizes

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Slot machine tournaments at casinos are fun to play and even fun just to watch. If you have ever played in or watched a slot machine tournament, you know how bizarre they are... players lined up on slot machines hitting the spin button as fast as they possibly can with much screaming and yelling going on, it is quite a spectacle. Here I will explain exactly what slot machine tournaments are, and how to WIN at slot machine tournaments.

How slot machine tournaments work
Many casinos regularly host slot machine tournaments and they are free to enter and free to play. Most slot machine tournaments offer cash prizes (usually in the form of free slot machine credit play) and no real money is bet, won, or lost during the tournaments. Generally, for a slot machine tournament a casino will rope off a dedicated number of slot machines (usually about 20-30 machines) and load them all with the same generic slot machine tournament game software. Slot tournament entrants will be assigned a slot machine to play on, and the game will keep track of how many points they earn on the game during the tournament playing time. Points are earned by getting winning spins (different winning combinations offer different number of points), and the players are given a certain amount of time (usually around three minutes) to rack up as many points as they possible can. There may be many rounds during a slot machine tournament, and usually cash prizes are offered to the winners of each round and the grand prizes are awarded to the winners of the whole tournament.

How to win slot machine tournaments
The winners of slot machine tournaments are determined by who racks up the most points during the slot tournament play. Since points are awarded for winning spins (and not every spin will award points) it is important to get as many spins in as possible to maximize your points. That is why slot machine tournament entrants hit the buttons so gosh danged fast -- they are trying to spin, stop, and respin the reels as fast as humanly possible. Quite frankly, since the winners are based on points racked up with winning spins, a slow player who gets many "big win" spins during the tournament may rack up more points than a fast player who gets few winning spins. It's really all just dumb luck who wins slot machine tournaments so your best bet to win slot machine tournaments is to hit the buttons as fast as you can and hope you get some good winning spins. Do not take slot machine tournaments too seriously -- they are mainly just for fun and a promotion to get players into the casinos.

All in all, slot machine tournaments are fun to play in and even fun just to watch, so if you get a chance to enter a slot machine tournament go for it and have fun hitting the buttons, and maybe you will even win some free slot play credits!

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