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Las Vegas Casino Review
Which Las Vegas casinos are the best? Which have the loosest slots? Which are the worst? Read on...

by Paul Diamond Blow

Sam Boyd's Fremont Casino and Hotel in the Fremont District

If you are visiting Las Vegas and want to know which Las Vegas casinos are the best for gambling on the slot machines (i.e., which have the loosest slots and the best payouts and the best chances of WINNING) you have come to the right place. Here I will reveal which Las Vegas casinos have the loosest slots and the best payouts, and which are the worst to gamble at and should be avoided. These reviews are based on my own personal experiences playing slot machines in Las Vegas casinos. Read on...

The WORST Las Vegas casinos (avoid these)

I will start this review with the WORST Las Vegas casinos to gamble at playing slot machines. These should be avoided if you want to actually win money on Las Vegas slot machines.

1) McCarran Airport
The worst place in Las Vegas to gamble on slot machines is the McCarran Airport. McCarran Airport has over 1300 slot machines spread out in the airport, and you may be tempted to play them while waiting for your flight, but these slot machines have the lowest payout rates in Las Vegas and you will most likely lose money playing them. I've never won money on the slot machines at McCarran Airport except for one time I won maybe 20 bucks. If you do play the McCarran Airport slot machines, just play for fun and don't expect to win. (Read more on the McCarran Airport slot machines here

2) Las Vegas strip casinos
Quite frankly, most all the casinos on the Las Vegas strip are no good for gambling on slot machines. This includes all the popular Las Vegas Strip casinos such as the Wynn, Caesars Palace, New York New York, Circus Circus, the Luxor, etc, etc. Since the Las Vegas strip is where most tourists stay and play, the casinos here have no real reason to offer generous payout rates on their slot machines. Personally, I have lost money at most ALL of the strip casinos I have played slot machines at (and I have gambled at most all the popular ones many times). I have learned that the Las Vegas strip casinos are great for sight seeing, but lousy for playing the slot machines.

The BEST Las Vegas casinos

Now that you know which Las Vegas casinos to avoid playing slot machines at, which are the best casinos with the loosest slots and the best payout rates with the best chances of actually winning money? I can personally vouch for only two Las Vegas casinos where I have consistently won money on the slot machines, and they are...

1) The Stratosphere
The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino is located on the north end of the Las Vegas strip. You can't miss it -- it's the hotel with the 1200 foot tall tower that resembles the Space Needle in Seattle. I have stayed and played at the Statosphere many times over the last five years, and I can tell you honestly that I have WON money on the slot machines more often than not. In fact, the only time I've lost money playing slot machines at the Stratosphere casino was the very first time I stayed there, back when I was a slot machine novice and didn't know what I was doing. The slot machines at the Stratosphere casino seem to be much looser and more generous than any of the other casinos on the Las Vegas strip. My theory as to why the Stratosphere has looser slots is that since it is located on the very north end of the strip -- the "ghetto" part of the strip -- the looser slots are to bring in tourists who normally might avoid this part of the strip. (Read more on the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino here)

2) Sam Boyd's Fremont Hotel and Casino
Quite frankly, the casinos located in the Fremont District (also known as "Old Vegas") seem to offer better payout rates on the slot machines than the casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip. The very BEST casino in the Fremont District as far as I'm concerned is Sam Boyd's Fremont Hotel and Casino. I have played slot machines here several times and so far have always won money! The slot machines here seem to have better payout rates that the rest in the Fremont District. Bonus rounds come more often and are more generous, "big win" spins come more often and are more generous... plus the Fremont Casino also has super cheap drink specials at the bar ($1.99 margaritas and $3 domestic beers) which most Las Vegas casino bars do not have. Of course, you do get free drinks when playing the slot machines here. The neon billboard outside of the Fremont Casino advertises "loose slots" and I do believe that to be true.

3) Boulder Strip casinos
The Boulder Strip is located on the Boulder Highway (east of the Las Vegas Strip) and is where the locals go to gamble on the slot machines. The locals go there because the Boulder Strip casinos offer higher payout rates on their slot machines than the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip or the Fremont District. There are about a dozen large casinos the Boulder Strip which include Sam's Town, Boulder Station, the Eldorado, and Jokers Wild, among others. I personally have never made it out to any of the Boulder Strip casinos since it is not convenient to visit if you are a tourist using the bus system, but according to many Las Vegas casino discussion boards these casinos have the best payout rates on slot machines in Las Vegas.

There you have it... the best and the worst Las Vegas casinos to gamble at on the slot machines. If you visit Las Vegas and plan on playing the slot machines, good luck, have fun, and don't forget to take advantage of the free drinks that the casinos give you while playing the slot machine games.

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