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Las Vegas Airport Slot Machines
Las Vegas's McCarran Airport has over 1300 slot machines, but should you play them?

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

A Megabucks slot machine at McCarran Airport

McCarran Airport in Las Vegas has over 1300 slot machines scattered all around the airport terminal in various sections, with about 100 machines in each section. You can't miss them! Nothing says "Las Vegas" like seeing these slot machines and hearing the bells and whistles of the games when you get off the plane when arriving in Las Vegas. But the question is, should you bother playing the Las Vegas airport slot machines? After all, Las Vegas is NOTHING but casinos, and you can play slot machines anywhere in town, so why bother playing them at the gosh danged airport?

Quite frankly, most people play the McCarran Airport slot machines while waiting for their flights home, and if you have an hour or so to kill you may be tempted to sit down at a slot machine and try your luck. However, the thing to know is the payout percentages of the slot machines in McCarran Airport are much LOWER than the payout percentages at the real casinos around Las Vegas. Since there is no competition (no other competing casinos in the airport, that is) they have no reason to offer competitive payout rates on their slot machines. With that in mind, the chances are you will lose money playing the slots here in the airport.

Another downside of playing the slot machines in McCarran Airport is that most of the slot machines are older, boring games. Most of the slot machines are the old fashioned, three reel, 1-3 pay line variety which I personally find very boring to play. There seem to be an awful lot of Wheel of Fortune slot machines here, with some offering the million dollar progressive jackpots. Also, since this is an airport, you do not get any free drinks while playing the games, nor do you win any points or comps like you can at a regular casino with a players club card.

Does anyone WIN playing slots at the Las Vegas airport? Well, yes! In fact, in 2015 two people won million dollar jackpots playing slots at the airport, and in March of 2016 some lucky gambler won $933,080 on a Wheel of Fortune game. Personally, the best I ever did at McCarran Airport was to win $15 playing the Whee of Fortune games with small, 25-cent bets.

So, if you are waiting for a flight home at Las Vegas's McCarran Airport and have some time to kill, you may be tempted to try your luck on the slot machines. Go ahead and try your luck if you must... who knows, you may win, but my advice is to do all your slot machine gambling in the real Las Vegas casinos where the payouts are better and you have a better chance of winning (plus get free drinks and other comps). At McCarran Airport you're better off killing spare time by reading a book or catching up on your Facebooking. But if you feel the need to try your luck on slots at McCarran Airport, go right ahead but try not to get sucked in and miss your flight home!

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