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Can You Get Rich Playing Slot Machines?
Can you get rich or make a living playing casino slot machines? Here's the REAL scoop...

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

A Megabucks slot machine with a ten million dollar jackpot

People often ask me if it is possible to get rich playing casino slot machines, or if it is possible to at least make a living playing slot machines (i.e. be a professional gambler). Here I will discuss my own theories on making the big score on slot machines that will make you rich and allow you to live in luxury, or at least how to consistently win on casino slot machines often enough to actually make a decent living playing them. Read on, dear gamblers...

Can you get RICH playing slot machines?
Anything is possible, of course, and it is technically possible to hit the big score and get RICH playing on casino slot machines. The question is, how much money would you have to win to technically be "rich"? There are many slot machines you will find in casinos that offer progressive jackpot amounts over $20,000 (for instance the 88 Fortunes slot machines in the casino I frequent offers a top jackpot of over $30,000), but winning those huge jackpot amounts -- while being a very nice chunk of change -- will NOT make you rich enough to buy a nice house or retire from your day job.

Your best bet for winning enough money on a slot machine to retire and live in luxury is on the slot machine games with million dollar jackpot amounts, which you can find in Las Vegas/Nevada casinos. This includes the Wheel of Fortune slot machines that offer jackpots over a million dollars, and the world famous Megabucks slot machines that offer jackpots of ten million dollars and up! Bear in mind that these multi million dollar jackpots are won only a handful of times a year, and the odds of hitting one are about the same as winning a million dollar state lottery. The odds are NOT good! However, it is possible, and I too dream of hitting the big score on a slot machine that will allow me to retire and live the good life. (For more info on slot machines with million dollar jackpots read this article.)

Can you make a living playing slot machines?
While winning a huge jackpot on a slot machine is a real long shot, it is more realistic to try to win consistently enough on casino slot machines to actually make a living, or at least to supplement your income. To do this -- to be a "professional" gambler -- has a few requirements. First of all, it's best to stick with one or two casinos you are familiar with that have better than average payout rates on their slot machines. Secondly, you should stick with just a few slot machines that give frequent big wins, and to familiarize yourself with those games enough so you have a good understanding of how they work and can recognize when they are running "hot" or "cold." Thirdly, you need to play these slot machines not like an amateur, but like a scientist. That means testing the games to see if they are paying out or not, and moving from machine to machine looking for the "hot" game. Playing like a scientist can take the fun out of playing slot machines, but then again it is much more fun to win money than it is to lose. Lastly, you need real discipline (which quite frankly most gamblers do not have) to consistently win on the slots. That is, if you win enough to put you ahead a couple hundred dollars, you should cash out and leave instead of staying and possibly losing it all, or in the case of a bad session when you just can't find a "hot" slot machine you should have the discipline to leave (even if you are behind) instead of staying and losing more money.

Playing like a "scientist" on slot machine games you really know and understand at casinos with higher than average payout rates can give you a much better chance of winning. To actually win enough to make a living, you would have to go to the casinos 2-4 a week, with the goal of winning at least a couple hundred dollars (or more) each time. The key is you need to win consistently, but in the real world that is hard to do. If you could win three out of four times, that may be enough to make a living, unless you lose everything you won on the one losing session (which can easily happen if you lack discipline).

Quite frankly, the odds of consistently winning enough to be a "professional" are against you. The average payout rate on casino slot machines is 90-92%, so the odds are that over time you will lose. Most people who play slot machines just for fun will lose. Using my slot machine strategies can help improve your chances, but you will NOT win every time. I personally had great winning streaks, followed by losing streaks, followed by another winning streak, and so on. I am still working on fine tuning my techniques, strategies (and my discipline), and you can read all my slot machine tips and advice articles right here on the Paul Diamond Blow VIP Casino Lounge homepage.