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Can You Win a Million Dollars on a Slot Machine?
YES, you CAN on these IGT slot machines!

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

A Megabucks slot machine with a ten million dollar-plus jackpot.

Can you win a million dollars (or more) on a slot machine? This is an often asked question, and the answer is YES you CAN win a million dollars or more on certain slot machines you can find in the state of Nevada, mainly in the Las Vegas casinos. These slot machines with million dollar-plus progressive jackpots can make you a very, very rich gambler if you are lucky enough to hit the top awards. These million dollar jackpot slot machines are connected which each other in every Nevada casino, which is how they are able to offer such high jackpot amounts, and here I will list the Nevada/Las Vegas slot machines which feature the million dollar jackpots.

IGT's Megabucks slots
Megabucks (by IGT) is the most famous of the million dollar jackpot slot machines, as it offers the biggest jackpot -- ten million dollars, or more! The Megabucks base jackpot amount is ten million dollars, which progressively increases until someone wins it, then it is reset to ten million dollars. Megabucks is an old style, 3-column slot machine with just a single pay line. It is a dollar slot machine, and you can bet either one dollar, two dollars, or three dollars per spin, but to win the ten million dollar progressive jackpot amount you MUST be betting three dollars. The highest Megabucks jackpot amount awarded was $39,713,982 back in 2003 (won at the Excalibur casino in Las Vegas). Typically, the Megabucks jackpot is won only 1-3 times a year, and since it features such a high jackpot amount the game pays out much less on non-jackpot winning spins than your average slot machine. That being said, if you want to try your luck next time you're in Las Vegas, Megabucks is waiting for you... do you feel lucky? For more info on Megabucks slot machines, check out this article.

IGT's Wheel of Fortune
IGT's Wheel of Fortune slot machines are popular games you will find in many casinos nation wide, but only in Nevada (and a small handful of other states) do the Wheel of Fortune slot machines offer million dollar jackpots. Wheel of Fortune is a dollar slot machine, and you can bet either one or two dollars per spin, but you must be betting two dollars to get the progressive million dollar jackpot amount, which starts at one million dollars and progressively increases until someone wins it. Since it's inception in 1997, the progressive jackpot amount has been won over 175 times (usually 5-6 times per year), with most of the jackpots being between 1-2 million dollars. The top Wheel of Fortune jackpot won was $11,203,183 won in 2004 at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas.

IGT's Powerbucks
IGT's Powerbucks is a newer slot machine (introduced in 2015) with a million dollar base jackpot amount, which can be found in Nevada and South Dakota. The Powerbucks slot machines in these two states are all connected, thus when someone wins the progressive jackpot amount in one state, the jackpot amount resets to the base million dollar amount on all the Powerbucks machines in both states. Powerbucks is a much more interesting game to play than Megabucks, as it features many more pay lines (up to 200) and even special bonus rounds, which makes it fun to play. On a Powerbucks slot machine, you can bet either 50 cents, $1.50, or $3 per spin, and you can win million dollar jackpot amounts on any amount bet in one of the three "mystery" bonus rounds, but the more you bet, the more bonus rounds are unlocked for you, so your best chances of winning the big jackpots are by betting max credits. So far, as of this writing, only one person has won the Powerbucks progressive jackpot for $1,350,751 at the Orleans casino in Las Vegas in 2015.

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