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Slot Machine Review: IGT's Wolf Run Slots
Wolf Run is a popular slot machine game featuring a free spins bonus and stacked wild cards

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Wolf Run slots (by IGT) is an older, yet still very popular video slot machine game you will find in most all casinos. Wolf Run is a five-reel game with 40 available pay lines, and was one of the first video slot machine games to feature stacked wilds. The game's mascot is a wolf who will howl when you get a good stacked wilds spin. The game also features a bonus round which gives you five free spins with additional wild cards added. Wolf Run is a fun game to play, and on most Wolf Run machines you can bet 1, 10, 20, 30, or 40 cents per spin, plus with the line multiplier has a max bet of $4.00 per spin. The original Wolf Run slot machine is still the most popular version in the casinos, but there have been newer versions of the game including Wolf Run MultiPlay (where you can play 1-4 games simultaneously), Wolf Run II (in 3-D!), plus spin-off games such as Wild Wolf and Coyote Moon, which play pretty much exactly like Wolf Run but with slightly different icons.

The Wolf Run stacked wilds
With Wolf Run's stacked wilds you can get some nice payouts, and that's the most exciting part of the game. The stacked wilds come up quite often, and conceivably you could fill up the entire screen with stacked wild symbols, which would pay $400 on a 40 cent bet, or $4000 on a max cred $4.00 bet. In my own experience playing Wolf Run MultiPlay slots (in which I generally stick with 50 cent spins per game), my best stacked wild spin paid out $59. Not a huge win, but it's not uncommon to get $20-40 dollar spins with the stacked wilds (at only 50 cents per spin). Which each stacked wilds payout the Wild Wolf icon will howl at the moon for you!

A "big win" on Wolf Run with stacked wilds.

The Wolf Run bonus round
If you get the "free spins" icon on reels 2, 3, and 4 in a spin you will advance to the Wolf Run bonus round where you are awarded five free spins. While only five spins is quite stingy compared to most video slot machine games, you can retrigger the bonus round (I've retriggered several times in a bonus round a few times) plus the bonus round gives you additional stack wild symbols making it more likely to get bigger payouts during the bonus spins. I have found that the Wolf Run bonus round comes up on average about once every 100 spins or so.

Wolf Run slots winning strategies
The way you win the big money on Wolf Run slots is with the stacked wild symbols. They come up frequently enough, but getting them on four or five reels at a time doesn't happen very often. I have found that after a good payout with stacked wilds, the next batch of spins will be mostly losers. If you are playing a Wolf Run slot machine and it is giving you lots of stacked wilds winning payouts, consider the game "hot" and up your bet. If you get 20-30 spins in a row with few winning spins and no bonus rounds, consider the game "cold" and move to another Wolf Run machine.

All in all, Wolf Run slots is a good, simple game to play and gives bigger payouts than most video slot machine games. Try your luck with Wolf Run slots, and may the stacked wolf wilds come often for you!

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