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Casino Review: the Tulalip Casino and Resort (Marysville, WA)
The Tulalip is a large, flashy casino which features the newest slot machines

by Paul Diamond Blow

The Tulalip Casino and Resort is located approximately 30 miles north of Seattle in Marysville, WA. The Tulalip Casino and Resort consists of a 12-story, 370-room hotel and a large, state of the art casino. The Tulalip also features a gorgeous outdoor ampitheatre which hosts big-name concerts in the Spring and Summer months.

The Tulalip Resort and Hotel is a very luxurious hotel with 370 guest rooms. I have stayed in a King sized room here and it was a real treat. The beds here are indeed fit for Kings (and Queens) and the three-head walk-in shower is something I've never seen before. Rooms at the Tulalip start at around $199 a night, but if you are a club card member you can get special discounts and coupons (I got my King size room for $99 on a Saturday night with a coupon). The hotel also has a large swimming pool complete with waterfalls and a nice sized jacuzzi. I quite enjoyed my stay here and will book a room again in the future.

The Tulalip Casino is the real reason I go to the Tulalip. I've been coming up here for my slot machine action for a number of years now. The Tulalip casino is one of the nicest casinos I have visited in Washington, as well as one of the largest, with 71 table games and 2025 slot machines. The Tulalip casino features the newest slot machine games -- it even puts most Las Vegas casinos to shame in that department -- my only beef with the Tulalip is that they feature very few "retro" games, except for Copper Dropper. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say. The Tulalip slot machines are a bit on the stingy side, though. On a "good" night I will win maybe 30-40 dollars. On a "bad" night I will lose a couple hundred. It is a tough place to consistently win on the slots!

The Tulalip gets crowded and noisy on weekend nights with the "Jersey Shore" crowd especially when they have live music playing in the show room, so the best times to go for gaming are on weeknights or on weekends after 2:00 AM. Besides the gambling, the Tulalip casino also offers entertainment with two clubs (a live music showroom and a smaller dee-jay, dance music orientated club). The Tulalip also features several restaurants ranging from a simple cafe to a high class, expensive restaurant. The Tulalip's buffet puts all others to shame... the buffet food is top-notch awesome and affordable ($20). You should try the buffet at least once... it's 100 times better than your Old Country Buffet.

The Tulalip casino offers the most generous rewards program in Washington State -- with a rewards card you earn one point (one penny) for every dollar you wager. The Tulalip also offers the best free monthly coupons to its reward card members -- they give me a 10-20 dollar free slots play coupon each month as well as generous discounts on the hotel room rates. The night I stayed in the hotel, with a special club card coupon I got the room for only $99 (on a Saturday night) and it included $40 of free slot play and $20 good for food!

Quil Ceda Creek Casino
I mention the Quil Ceda Creek Casino here because it is actually the "old" Tulalip casino, and was the Tulalip tribe's main casino until the Tulalip Casino and Resort opened. The Quil Ceda Creek Casino is located one mile south of the Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA. There is no hotel at the Quil Ceda Creek, there are no spas or swimming pools, just the casino with one dining area and one large show room. Compared to the Tulalip casino the Quil Ceda Creek is much smaller and less brightly lit, and it caters more to the average man and woman, not the dress-up "Jersey Shore" crowd you see at the Tulalip on weekend nights. The Quil Ceda Creek casino offers the same gaming tables as the Tulalip, and as for slot machines they have more of the older "retro" games that have been moved out of the Tulalip. I've been doing most of my slot machine gaming here since they still have some of my favorite older games, such as Mega Winner II (my main game) plus I have found that the slots are looser here than at the Tulalip and I come out ahead much more often than I do at the Tulalip. The Quil Ceda Creek's rewards club card is not as generous as the Tulalip's: they offer one point (one penny) for every two dollars wagered and only occasionally will mail me coupons good for ten dollars of free slot play.