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Slot Machine Review: Aristocrat's Timber Wolf Slots
Timber Wolf is a popular slot machine with the potential for large wins

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Aristocrat's Timber Wolf slot machine is a very popular wild life / wolf themed slot machine you will find in most casinos. Timber Wolf is one of Aristocrat's "Xtra Reel Power" games that features 1024 possible ways to win (not one of the traditional video game slots with pay lines). The best paying symbol is the howling Wolf, and the next highest paying symbols include the Bearded Man (who resembles Grizzly Adams), Deer symbols, a snow covered house symbol, and a Bear symbol. The lowest paying symbols are the usual playing card symbols (9s,10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings). Timber Wolf also features a Moon symbol on reels 2 and 4, which are the game's wild card symbol, and also features a bonus round in which the wild card symbols turn into multipliers which can create big wins.

A nice winning spin on a Timber Wolf slot machine with both multipliers.

The Timber Wolf bonus round
The Timber Wolf bonus round is where you have the best chance to win large amounts of money even without betting maximum credits. Getting three or more consecutive Owl symbols from left to right (starting on the first reel) put you into the bonus round, where you are awarded 12 free spins. The Moon wild card symbols on reels two and four can substitute for the Owl symbols and help get you the bonus rounds

During the Timber Wolf bonus round, the wild card symbols turn into multipliers, which will be 3x on reel two and 5x on reel four. The best you can do is to get both wild card symbols which would increase all possible winning combinations by 15x. If you were to get a good amount of Wolf symbols on the reels along with both wild card mulitpliers, that will give you the large payouts. During the Timber Wolf bonus round, if you get a wild card multiplier on a spin that does NOT help create a winning combination, that wild card multiplier will hold while the reels re-spin, thus giving you a second chance to get a winning combination on that bonus round spin. The Timber Wolf bonus rounds are hard to come by... they do not seem to happen very often, maybe just once every 150-200 spins.

The Timber Wolf Legends slot machine
There is a newer version of the Timber Wolf slot machine called Timber Wolf Legends, which gives you a choice of playing either the original, classic Timber Wolf game, or the Timber Wolf Deluxe version. The main difference with Timber Wolf Deluxe is that the spins cost more (for instance, 50 cents per minimum spin instead of 40 cents), but if you get the bonus round you have a choice of how many spins you want: 6, 8, 12, 16 or 21. The fewer free spins you choose, the higher the wild card multipliers will be. For instance, with six free bonus rounds spins the multipliers will be 5x on reel two and 10x on reel five, giving you a possibility of increasing wins by 50x if you get both multipliers on a bonus round spin.

All in all, Aristocrat's TIMBER WOLF slot machine is a good game to play if you are looking for some big wins without having to bet maximum credits. Personally, I have never won much on Timber Wolf except for one time when I won $120 in a bonus round on a 40 cent spin. Aside from that one time, I usually lose money on this game and find the bonus rounds are hard to come by. I have had much better luck on Aristocrat's Buffalo slots, which are very similar to Timber Wolf, so for this reason I usually stay clear of the Timber Wolf slot machines, but give it a chance once in a while.

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