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The Top Five Coolest, CHEAP Hotels in Las Vegas
You don't need to spend a fortune to stay in Las Vegas in style, baby!

by Paul Diamond Blow

The world famous Luxor on the Las Vegas Strip

If you are planning a trip to fabulous Las Vegas and you want to stay there in style you do NOT need to spend a fortune on expensive hotel rooms. Here I am listing the top five coolest, cheap Las Vegas hotels where you can live like a high roller without spending money like a high roller. Live the dream on the cheap, baby! I have personally stayed at some of these hotels myself, and for the record I am not affiliated with these Las Vegas hotels in any way. You will get the cheapest rates if you stay on weekdays, and during Fall and Winter months can get rooms for as low as $21 a night. The rates will be higher in Spring and Summer, of course, and bear in mind that most all Las Vegas hotels also charge a "resort fee" averaging $25 a day on top of the daily rates. Without further ado, here are my top five cool but CHEAP Las Vegas hotels:

1) The Stratosphere
The Stratosphere is located at the very north end of the Las Vegas strip and it is one of the cheapest hotels to stay at in Las Vegas and is NOT a dump like most of the other inexpensive Las Vegas hotels. The Stratosphere Hotel has over 2400 rooms and features a 1149-foot-tall tower (which resembles the Space Needle in Seattle, but is twice as tall) which is the tallest structure in Las Vegas. The Stratosphere has a cool swimming pool and a hot tub area located on the roof nine floors up, with great surrounding views of the city. One nice thing about the Stratosphere is that it is located north of the Las Vegas strip, so you get some peace and quiet you won't find right on the strip. You can walk down to the strip if you have the gumption (it's about a two mile walk) or you can simply hop aboard the Deuce bus to go south to the main strip or north to the Fremont Street Experience. There are also many cheap restaurants in the area to eat at (Denny's, McDonalds, iHop, Burger King, etc.). The one downside of staying at the Stratosphere is that there seem to be a lot of sketchy people lurking around in the neighborhood: drug addicts, mentally ill transients, and beggars... so be aware! I put the Stratosphere as my number one best cheap Las Vegas hotel since not only is it cool and cheap, but it is one of the few Las Vegas casinos that I actually win money at! For a more detailed review of the Stratesphere, read this article.

2) The Luxor Hotel and Casino
The Luxor is located on the very south end of the Las Vegas strip, just minutes away from the Las Vegas airport, and what makes the Luxor so cool is that it is an Egyptian themed hotel. The hotel itself is modeled after an enormous pyramid -- 350 feet tall with over 4,400 rooms -- and a huge replica of the Great Spinx of Giza will greet you from the street. Inside the Luxor hotel you will find ancient Egyptian styled statues and art all around you, and you will feel like you are King Tut living in ancient Egypt! The large outdoor swimming pool and hot tub area is also super cool, decked out in ancient Egyptian decor. The swimming pool is closed during Winter months, but guests can take a complimentary tram to the nearby Excalibar hotel where they can use the pool free of charge. The Luxor Hotel and Casino is the most expensive cheap Las Vegas hotel on my list, but is indeed the coolest of the bunch, and still affordable.

3) The Circus Circus Hotel, Casino and Theme Park
If you are going on vacation to Las Vegas with children, the Circus Circus is the hotel for you. The Circus Circus is a 3,773-room circus themed hotel/resort and is located at the north end of the Las Vegas strip. The Circus Circus is the cheapest Las Vegas hotel on my list (with rates as low as $21 a night during Fall and Winter months), and has something for everyone in your family. Living up to it's name, the Circus Circus features a giant neon-lit clown in front of the hotel, and flying acrobats, magicians, jugglers, clowns, and other circus performers give free daily performances in the hotel's Carnival Midway. The Circus Circus also features a 200-game arcade and a five-acre indoor theme park with thrill rides that your kids will love. Of course, the Circus Circus also has four casinos with table games and slot machines plus nightly entertainment for the adults in your family. The Circus Circus also has a cool 3000-square foot outdoor swimming pool area (which is unfortunately closed during Winter months). All in all, the Circus Circus will give you and your family an entertaining and cheap stay!

4) The Golden Nugget
If you prefer to stay in the Fremont District (aka "Old Vegas") the Golden Nugget is your best bet for a cool but affordable hotel. There are cheaper hotels in the Fremont District, but the Golden Nugget is much cooler than the rest mainly because it's swimming pool features a freaking shark tank aquarium loaded with sharks and other exotic fish, and you can water slide through the center of the shark tank (with no danger of being eaten)! The Golden Nugget is a 2419-room hotel originally built in 1946 and is one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas. Staying at the Golden Nugget, the very cool Fremont Street Experience will be right outside you doorstep. If you have not experienced the Fremont Street Experience, it is a fun, carnival-like experience with free live music on three stages, street performers, and LED light shows on the domed Fremont Street roof (which covers the entire Fremont Street). If you want to stay in good Old Vegas in style but on the cheap, the Golden Nugget is for you.

4) The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
I put the Hard Rock hotel on my list because not only is it surprisingly affordable, but it is ROCK'N'ROLL, baby! Located just a few blocks off the south end of the Las Vegas strip (on Paradise Road), the Hard Rock is a 1503-room rock'n'roll-themed hotel where you can party down like a rock star without actually being a rock star. The Hard Rock features four outdoor swimming pools, several restaurants, go-go dancer lounges, a full casino, and best of all live hard rock concerts featuring top names in the rock music biz! You will also find interesting rock and roll memorabilia all over the joint plus it even has a tattoo parlor if you want to get tatted up like Nikki Sixx. You can also dine out for cheap at many local eateries located near the Hard Rock on Paradise Road. If you want to rock Las Vegas on the cheap, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino may be the place for you.

There you have it... the top five coolest CHEAP hotels in Las Vegas. Bear in mind, you will get the cheapest rates during Fall and Winter months staying on weekdays. Staying during the busy Spring and Summer seasons on weekends will not be so cheap, but still will be more affordable than most other Las Vegas hotels. You will get the best deals if you book your hotels with plenty of time in advance, and you may also save some money by booking your room directly through the hotels' websites rather than through outlets such as Priceline or Expedia. If you sign up with the hotel's casino player club cards (which you can do online on the hotel websites) you can also get more discounts on your hotel rates.

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