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Slot Machine Review: JADE MONKEY Slots
Jade Monkey is a simple yet popular slot machine game you will find in most casinos

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Jade Monkey is a very popular "old school" slot machine game that is fun to play and it can be found in most all casinos. Jade Monkey has an Asian theme to it complete with a beautiful Asian princess and the Jade Monkey himself. There are 15 possible lines you can play on this game and is a relatively inexpensive game to play compared to most of the modern day slot machines which have 50-cent and up minimum bets. You can play 1, 5, 10, or 15 lines per spin with a top maximum bet of $3.00 per spin (20 cents per line). I personally like to hit the Jade Monkey game first when I visit a casino, as a "warm up" game. I usually bet 15 or 30 cents per spin. Winning combinations in Jade Monkey generally do not pay that much overall, most of the "juice" comes in the bonus rounds.

Jade Elephant slots is a variation of the Jade Monkey game with the same Asian theme and mode of play, but instead of the Jade Monkey icon that awards bonus rounds it is a Jade Elephant. Otherwise, Jade Elephant plays exactly the same as Jade Monkey.

Jade Monkey bonus round
The Jade Monkey bonus round is awarded when you get at least three Jade Monkey icons in a spin. You are then taken to a bonus round screen where you are presented with 20 Jade Monkey tiles and are instructed to choose three tiles. The bonus round automatically gives you five free spins with a multiplier of one, and each uncovered tile adds to the bonus round in the form of extra wild cards, extra free spins, or extra multipliers. One tile will give you two more picks. I've found that the extra wild cards in the bonus round make for the most profitable bonus round. Oddly, unlike most other video slot machines, there is no benefit of getting more than three Jade Monkey icons in a spin -- that is, even if you get five Jade Monkeys in a spin there are no extra benefits or free spins in the bonus round. You can retrigger the bonus round by hitting at least three Jade Monkeys in a bonus round spin, in fact one time I re-triggered the bonus round three times in a single round! The bonus round is definitely the highlight of the game.

The Jade Monkey bonus round: pick three squares.

Winning strategies for Jade Monkey: There really are no strategies for playing Jade Monkey slot games since they are so simple -- just keep hitting the "spin" button and hope the Jade Monkey symbols come up and give you a bonus round! If you happen to sit at a Jade Monkey game that produces no good payouts in at least thirty spins, try moving to another Jade Monkey game and try your luck there.

All in all, while being a simple slot machine game to play, Jade Monkey and Jade Elephant slot games are good games for beginners breaking into casino gaming, and also for experienced players who prefer the simpler, retro-style games. I myself have never won big on Jade Monkey, but I do enjoy playing it just for fun.

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