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Ride the Deuce Bus in Las Vegas!
Cheap 24 Hour Transportation on the Las Vegas Strip

by Paul Diamond Blow

Photo by Cello06 at the English language Wikipedia

If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas and also plan on visiting the Las Vegas Strip, the Deuce bus is the cheapest transportation available on the strip. With all the traffic on the Las Vegas strip during the peak hours you will spend a fortune taking a cab, but the Deuce bus is an inexpensive alternative and really... if you visit Las Vegas you gotta ride the Deuce at least once.

The Deuce bus is part of the Las Vegas CAT (Citizens Area Transit) bus system and is a double-decker style bus that travels from the south end of the Las Vegas strip all the way north up to the Fremont District where you can catch the amazing Fremont Street Experience. The Deuce bus is air conditioned, can hold up to 97 people, and it runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every fifteen minutes. There are bus stops every 1/4 mile each way on the strip where you can hop on the Deuce and you can get to any casino on the strip on the Deuce. You can purchase an RTC bus pass (good for the Deuce bus and all RTC busses) from kiosks at the bus stations, and you can buy a 2-hour pass for $6, a 24-hour pass for $8, or a 3-day pass for $20.

The drawback to riding the Deuce bus is that during peak hours on the strip there can be a lot of traffic and the ride can be slow going. Also, it seems many people boarding the Deuce aren't prepared with their fare money and it can take a while for passengers to load on. Some of the Deuce bus stops do have ticket machines where you can purchase your tickets, that's the best bet. Another drawback to the Deuce bus is that the upper deck of the bus is rather short -- not very accomodating for taller individuals. I myself am over six foot tall and I had to walk down the aisle on the upper deck crouched down to avoid hitting my head on the bus roof. However, even with these drawbacks riding the Deuce bus on the Las Vegas strip will save you a ton of money over taking a cab, and trying to walk the strip -- while a feasible option for some -- is quite a chore in the hot Las Vegas heat, especially considering the Las Vegas strip is four miles in length.

The Deuce bus can get rather packed with riders during the late afternoon and evening hours, but on my last visit to Las Vegas I hopped on the Deuce bus at 2:00 AM on the south end of the strip and there were very few riders. In fact, I had the entire upper deck of the Deuce to myself for much of the ride and I got to ride right up front with an incredible view of the strip. It was quite a ride!

All in all, if you plan on visiting the Las Vegas Strip and are looking for inexpensive transportation, ride the Deuce! It's well worth it.

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