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Slot Machine Review: IGT's Dangerous Beauty Slots
Dangerous Beauty is a low volatile slot machine with stacked symbols and frequent wins

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

A nice win on Dangerous Beauty with stacked symbols

IGT's Dangerous Beauty slot machine game is a fun and popular slot machine game you will find in most casinos. Dangerous Beauty is a low volatile game with 5 reels and 4 tiers with 40 pay lines and an Oriental theme. On most Dangerous Beauty slot machines the minimum bet is 40 cents and the maximum bet is $4.80.

What makes Dangerous Beauty a fun game to play is that with the stacked symbols -- which come up frequently -- you will get some nice paying hits more often than on most other slot machine games. It is considered a low volatile game because while the nice paying hits come frequently, they do not pay large amounts unless you are betting maximum credits. For instance, if you fill the screen with the Dangerous Beauty symbols on an 80-cent spin, you will win only $40. The only way to win a genuine jackpot amount on Dangerous Beauty is if you fill up the screen with the Wild Card symbols.

Getting 12 bonus symbols on reels 2-4 gets you into the bonus round

The Dangerous Beauty bonus round
The Dangerous Beauty bonus round comes up when you get 12 green dragons (the bonus symbols) on reels 2-4. In the bonus round you are awarded with seven free spins. There are more stacked symbols in the Dangerous Beauty bonus round, so you chances of "big wins" are increased in the bonus rounds. Bonus rounds come up much more frequently in the Dangerous Beauty slot game than in most slot machines, which adds to the fun factor.

Winning strategies for Dangerous Beauty
Since the "big win" payouts on Dangerous Beauty are much lower than on most slot machine games, your best chances of winning large amounts are by betting larger amounts. I personally like to bet 80 cents per spin, but when a machine is paying out will increase my bets up to $2.40 per spin. It is easy to tell if a Dangerous Beauty slot machine is paying out or not -- if you fail to get any nice hits in 10-20 spins, your best bet is to cash out and move to another Dangerous Beauty machine. I have found that after getting a bonus round or a "big win" spin, it's best to cash out, wait a few minutes, and then put your money back into the machine before playing more spins.

All in all, IGT's Dangerous Beauty slot machine is a good game to play if you are looking for a slot machine that won't eat your money right away. Since winning combinations and "big wins" happen much more often than on most other slot machines, you can make your money last much longer than on most slot machines. If you are looking to win large amounts, you'll have to bet large amounts, but all in all it is a fun game and one that I personally play each time I go to a casino.

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