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Slot Machine and Casino Rituals: Do They Bring Luck?
Gamblers can be a highly superstitious lot. Here are the top rituals they employ to WIN at the casinos

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow   Updated May 10, 2018

Can casino rituals bring you jackpots like this one?

Casino gamblers can be a highly superstitious lot and many gamblers have their own superstitions and rituals they employ to bring luck and big wins to their gaming experience. If you have ever been to a casino you have probably seen these rituals in action and wondered, "What the HELL are they doing?" I myself have my own rituals that I employ when I to to the casino to play the slots, and while it may just be coincidence or fate, sometimes these rituals actually work for me! Here I will list the top superstitions and rituals that myself and many other casino gamblers employ to bring the good MOJO! Take this all with a grain of salt, please...!

1) Touch the slot machine screen
You see this a lot in casinos... slot machine players that will keep touching the screen when a wild card symbol or other good winning symbol comes up in a spin. The theory is that if you touch that wild card symbol, more will turn up in the next spin bringing a big win. Some people really go crazy with the screen touching and it can be highly annoying when they are seated at a game next to you. I have tried this screen touching technique myself but it has never done anything for me except make me look retarded. (Conclusion: Does not work)

2) Cash out your ticket and put it back in again
You also see this a lot in casinos... slot machine players that will every so often push the "cash out" button on their slot machine game, wait a few seconds, and then insert the ticket back into the game. The theory is that if you are playing on a game that has been paying out and winning for you but has since cooled off, if you take your ticket out and then reinsert it the game will "refresh" and start winning again. There's no science behind this theory, but I have tried this ritual myself and have found that it actually DOES WORK many times! For instance, if I'm on a slot machine that has been winning and giving me bonus rounds, once it cools off and goes 20-30 spins without a good payout I will cash the ticket out, wait five seconds, then reinsert the ticket. Often times I will get a bonus round within the next 5-10 spins! This does not work all the time but has worked often enough that I employ this ritual every time I go to the casino. (Conclusion: This sometimes works!)

3) Pray to God for a big win
I have never actually seen or heard any gamblers praying to God out loud in a casino, but I am sure many gamblers DO pray silently like this: "Please, God, give me a bonus round. Please, God, give me a jackpot. Please, God, please!!!" Being a born and raised Catholic I have employed this ritual of praying myself, but my conclusion is that God does NOT care about your slot machine gambling and He will NOT intervene to bring you a big win, a jackpot, or a bonus round. However, I do admit that on the way to the casino I will say, "Please, God, help me have a good time." If I win I will say, "Thank you, God, for letting me have a good time" on the way back. While I do not think God cares about gambling since it can be considered a vice, I do think He wants us all to enjoy life and have a good time. I have even written my own Gambler's Prayer which you may use if you like: The Gambler's Prayer. (Conclusion: Go ahead and pray but it will not bring you a jackpot)

4) Casino player cards: do they bring bad luck?
If you have a casino's player club (rewards) card you insert it into the slot machine while you play and earn points for every dollar you wager, usually about a penny per dollar. If you gamble a lot it's worth using your club card to earn some money back. However, many players think that actually using the club card will make the slot games stingier if you have been winning. I've often wondered myself if using my club cards brings me bad luck, usually when I cannot win on any games while using the club card. I have experimented with using the cards vs. not using the cards and my conclusion is using your casino club card will NOT change the outcome of your winning or losing. (Conclusion: Go ahead and use your club cards)

5) Wear a surgical mask
You may see a lot of Asians wearing surgical masks at casinos, depending on the location of the casino. I've seen this myself and wondered, "Is this some sort of lucky surgical mask?" After some research my conclusion is that the Asians do not wear surgical masks at casinos to bring good luck, but rather because they do not like all the cigarette smoke and germs floating around. Or who knows, maybe they are lucky? (Conclusion: surgical masks will keep you from getting sick.)

6) Wear the same clothes
I don't know if anyone else does this, but I have a specific set of clothes I wear each time to the casino. My current casino outfit consists of a pair of brown jeans, a black Las Vegas T-shirt, Las Vegas boxer shorts, and my Adidas track jacket. The shoes, socks, hat, or any other accessories do not matter, but I must wear the brown jeans, a white or black tee-shirt, the Las Vegas boxer shorts, and the track jacket. Why? Because one time I won big wearing these clothes, and to keep winning I feel I must wear them again until they prove they do NOT bring luck. Yes, if I deviate from this attire I usually lose. What can I say? Some people have a lucky hat or lucky coin. I have my lucky boxer shorts, and I've had some good winning streaks in those boxer shorts. (Conclusion: if it works for you DO IT.)

7) Miscellaneous rituals and lucky tokens
In addition to my "lucky" brown jeans, I also have a certain Bic cigarette lighter I always bring to the casino. Why? Because I found it on my favorite slot game one night and won big. I also like to chew gum at the casinos, not so much as gum brings me luck but it cuts down on my cigarette intake. I also like to switch between drinking Mr Pibb and Coca Cola... I prefer the Coca Cola but a few times I have had good bonus rounds while drinking Mr Pibb. You get the idea... there are scores of little rituals us gamblers like to experiment with to bring luck and good fortune. Do they all work? No, but sometimes they do! (Conclusion: if it works for you DO IT.) 2018 update: I now find I win at the slot machines more often when drinking Sprite

There you have it! As I said, gamblers can be a very superstitious lot and prone to rituals that may seem crazy to the non-gambler. While there may be no science behind these rituals and superstitions, I believe that they bring an extra element of FUN into the slot machine gaming experience. Without these superstitions and rituals you would be forced to conclude that the outcome of the slot machines is all up to chance and you are doomed to lose because the odds are against you. However, these little rituals at least give gamblers some feeling that they have an extra edge, and hey... if it works sometimes, why not do it? Happy gambling!

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