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Slot Machine Review: Betty Boop's Love Meter
Betty Boop's Love Meter is an interesting slot machine game with nine different bonus rounds

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Betty Boop's Love Meter (by Bally Technologies) is a very interesting slot machine game and has become one of my favorite slot machine games to play in casinos. This is a progressive slot machine with nine different bonus rounds including three progressive jackpots. The most common Betty Boop's Love Meter game you will find in casinos has a fifty cent minimum bet with a maximum credit bet of $5.00. According to the official Bally website, Betty Boop's Love Meter has a hit frequency of 45.4%, meaning you can expect to get a payout on 45% of your spins.

How to win with Betty Boop's Love Meter
I have found that you don't win much money on the regular winning spins with this game. I personally usually bet the minimum fifty cents per spin and have never won more than a few dollars on a regular spin. However, it is with the bonus rounds where you win the money. I have found that the bonus rounds come up more frequently than in your average video slot machine (once every 36 spins on average, according to the Bally website), and the Betty Boop's Love Meter bonus rounds are more fun than your average slot machine bonus rounds. When three "Love Meter" symbols come up on a spin you go to the Love Meter bonus round. In addition, when three "Betty's purse" symbols come up on a spin you are instructed to choose one purse and are rewarded with free bonus credits.

Three Love Meter symbols advance you to the bonus round

The Love Meter bonus rounds
Getting three "Love Meter" symbols in a spin puts you into the bonus round and you are instructed to look up to the Love Meter board. There are nine different bonus rounds you can get including three progressive jackpot awards. The nine bonus rounds are:

1) Playful Pudgy jackpot: at max credits ($5 per spin) you win at least $50

2) 10 Friendly Free games: you receive ten free spins, with more free spins awarded with the "plus one" symbols.

3) Light Up Betty's Life: You are presented with a grid of 24 unlit light bulbs and are instructed to choose six of them. Each light bulb has a different award amount.

4) 5 Free Spins at 5x: You receive five free spins with a multiplier of 5x your bet.

5) Unlock Betty's Heart: You are presented with three heart shaped lockets and are instructed to pick one. Each locket contains a different award amount. Two of the lockets give you an additional pick, so choose wisely!

6) One Free Spin with Three Wild Reels: You receive one free spin with reels 1, 3, and 5 set on wild cards. With all those wilds you can get a big win if you are lucky.

7) 15 Naughty Free Games: You receive 15 free games with a 1x multiplier. The multiplier increases when "plus one" symbols show up on spins.

8) Beautiful Betty Jackpot: This is a progressive jackpot that pays at least $1000 with a max credit bet of $5 per spin.

9) How Hot Are You?: This is the bonus round that offers the biggest possible payout. You are instructed to place your hands on the game's iDeck and your "hotness" is measured on the meter, with Loveable, Romantic, Sexy, Wild, Smokin’, Naughty, Burning, Passionate, and Irresistible outcomes possible. The meter starts at the bottom (loveable) and works it's way up until it stops on one of the outcomes. If it works it's way all the way to the top of the ladder (irresistible) you win the jackpot award of 4000x your bet! If you are betting max credits you win the progressive amount, which is routinely $29,000 on the Betty Boop's Love Meter games at my local casino.

I have found that the "Unlock Betty's Heart" bonus is the one that comes up most often in the Love Meter bonus rounds, with the "Light Up Betty's Life" a close second. Even though it is a progressive slot machine and I never bet max credits on it, I usually come out ahead when I play this game, thanks to the frequent bonus rounds. These different bonus rounds are what makes the game fun, and if you are a fan of Betty Boop and slot machines you are sure to enjoy Betty Boop's Love Meter.

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