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Slot Machine Review: IGT's Betti the Yetti
Betti the Yetti is an interesting slot machine game with an exciting bonus round

by Paul Ace Diamond "Huggy" Blow

Betti the Yetti (by IGT) is an older but still popular slot machine you will find in most casinos. This slot machine features a female Bigfoot named Betti, who is actually almost sexy in a weird way (what with her makeup, lipstick, and flowers). Betti the Yetti is a five-reel penny slot machine with 30 possible pay lines. You can wager as little as 10 cents with a maximum bet of $3.00 on most Betti the Yetti machines found in your typical casino. Like most video slot machines, Betti the Yetti has wild cards, but the Betti the Yetti wild cards will multiply a winning line 3x, although if you get more than one wild card in a winning line it still only multiplies by 3x. If you get five wild cards in a pay line you win 1000 your bet, which is the top prize (or jackpot) on the Betti the Yetti machine. With the 3x muliplier wild cards it is possible to get some big payouts on this game, bigger than on your average casino slot machine. Betti the Yetti also features a "Stepping Out" bonus round which can also garner you big payouts.

Each Advance symbol during the bonus round multiplies your bonus award

The Betti the Yetti Stepping Out bonus
The Betti the Yetti Stepping Out bonuse comes into play when three or more "bonus" symbols come up on a spin; then you go into the bonus round. Three "bonus" symbols gives you 10 free spins, four will give you 15 free spins, and five bonus symbols gives you 20 free spins. There are two ways to win money in the bonus round: with payouts from winning combinations in the pay lines, and with the extra "Adventure" bonus. Which each bonus round spin, if you get an "advance" symbol, your "Adventure" bonus multiplies your total bet amount. The Adventure bonus starts at 1x your bet, then with each "advance" symbol increases the bonus 3x, 5x, 8x, 12x, 18x, 25x, 50x, 75x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 300x, 400x, 500x, and finally 1000x your bet. The "advance" symbols also serve as scatters -- that is, if you get two advance symbols in a bonus round spin your scatter award is 4x your bet, three symbols gives you 10x your bet, four symbols is 50x the bet, and five "advance" symbols gives you 100x your total bet.

Most Betti the Yetti bonus rounds will only give you ten free spins... getting 15 free spins is rare and 20 spins is extremely rare. Your best bet for getting the 1000x Adventure bonus award is with 20 free spins. The best I've ever gotten in the Betti the Yetti bonus round was 100x Adventure bonus with ten free spins. The Betti the Yetti bonus rounds do not happen very often -- maybe once every 100 spins you will get a bonus round. At the end of the bonus round your Adventure bonus will be added to your free spins wins for the total bonus award.

Betti the Yetti winning strategies
The way you win the big money on Betti the Yetti slots is with winning combinations with the 3x multiplier wild cards or with the bonus rounds. Since those pay out bigger amounts than you get on your typical video slot machine, most of your other Betti the Yetti spins will win little or nothing. If you have gone 50 or more spins without a bonus round, you might try increasing your bet in anticipation of a bonus round being due. However, if you are sitting at a Betti the Yetti game and have gone 25 or more spins with no decent payouts, consider the game to be "cold" and try your luck at a different Betti the Yetti game. Typically, casinos will have banks of four or more Betti the Yetti slot machines. If you are lucky enough to find yourself on a Betti the Yetti game that is giving you lots of wild cards and frequent bonus rounds, consider the game to be "hot" and increase your bet.

All in all, Betti the Yetti is a fun slot machine game to play and gives bigger payouts than most video slot machine games. If you would like to play Betti the Yetti slots without betting real money, the game is also available on IGT's "Lobstermania" computer game, which comes on a disc and you install on your computer. The computer game's version of Betti the Yetti is exactly like the slot game in the casinos, but no real money is involved. Try your luck with Betti the Yetti, and may the bonus rounds come often!

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